Tidbits of learning and the occasional musing from
a self-taught, self-professed know-it-all.
No junk or filler, promise.

Just a few entires to get you all started.

Here I plan to write about design — the hard work being done by myself and my clients, what’s going on in my tiny studio for one, and what I do to stay, somewhat, sane while making it all happen.

If you have a topic or tip you’d like me to expound upon, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

The Power of we (Why I don't say 'I')

March 2018 — The power of we: Why I no longer use I, me, my or mine when I discuss projects.

PDF Size Queen — I like them small

March 2018 — PDF Size Queen: We've all done it. Emailed that hulking mass of MB, or dropped that big d(ata) into that other D(ropbox). But there's a better way. Allow me to demystify the PDF and show you how I export pages for greatness.

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