I believe in a good read, a strong cup (of coffee),
and a commitment to stay humble and offer
simple kindness in everything that I do.

My adventures in freelance design began in 2010.

I made the jump to Illustrator from AutoCAD when I decided engineering wasn't exactly my thing. Since then I've worked with like-minded individuals, small businesses and startups to help them tell their stories.

Over this time, I've been fortunate enough to work with some great folks on a variety of different projects. Each one lending ample experience, and more often than not, a new skill or two. When I felt comfortable with the basics of Illustrator, I moved on to Photoshop. From there, I worked with clients to produce printed collateral where I learned how to properly use the CMYK color model and Pantone Matching System. And then in the the summer of 2016, I coded responsive emails by hand for a startup in California. I later applied a fresh interest in all things HTML and CSS to popular frameworks, bringing prototypes from the artboard to the web. Most recently, I branched out into custom lettering to deliver a signature typeface for a client I respect and admire.

I continue to approach every new project as an opportuntiy to grow and I look forward to the future.

PS — In case it isn't clear, I'm quite obsessed with typography. And especially with the pairings that go into a font system. The poster below uses Helvetica and Monosten, for example.

PPS — I once filmed an episode of a reality show during a summer internship in Berkeley, California.

My core values as inspired by the words of a great mentor (Alex Sok) and the ubiquitous Helvetica, “John Paul Ringo George”, design by Experimental Jetset.

My core values in printed form, as inspired by the words of Alex Sok and the ubiquitous "John Paul Ringo George" design by Experimental Jetset.

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